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Ways to bring an Inclusive Design approach into an existing design or development process.


Watch these stories to get a brief and useful introduction to what Inclusive Design is all about.

  • Illustration of a remote control design concept.

    Remote Control

    Remote controls can pose a problem for everyone, but for older people in particular, they can be frustrating to...

  • Two people looking up at a person trying to get a stroller down from a massive high curb.

    High curb

    We have all met a high curb with our bicycle, stroller, or trolley suitcase which is difficult to cross. Lowered curbs are important to the city...

  • Man trying to open door that will not open.

    Difficult door

    We sometimes accept impractical solutions and products in our homes and the environment around us because we do not know better. By demanding...

  • Man with a stroller trying to access the counter in a grocery store.

    Super dad

    Environments in everyday life can be difficult for everyone if they’re not meeting accessible requirements. Unnecessary obstacles, such as narrow...

  • Person trying to walk the stairs with crutches.

    Student in stairs

    Sometimes a staircase can be enough of a challenge as it is. If you need walking aids, it can be near impossible....