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Inclusive Design - a people centred strategy for innovation

A practical introduction to Inclusive Design for Businesses & Designers - how to get started!

Innovation for all 2016: The workshops

At our two half-day intensive workshops you will learn practical methods for a people-centred aproach that you can use the very next day!

Workshop 1:

Creative Leadership: achieving design excellence

Rama Gheerawothe Helen Hamlyn Centre for Design at The Royal College of Art

Do you want to be more creative? Do you want to evolve your leadership both personally and professionally? This workshop brings together inclusive design practice and leadership theory to present an exciting new area for your development – Creative Leadership. This has been evolved using ‘tried and tested’ methods in the field of people-centred design and that of business leadership. It asks the difficult question of how to be socially-minded and effective within business practice and sets up framework for you to deliver that. Creative Leadership is an important part of the evolving mindset of innovation in the 21st Century and this will be the first opportunity to experience this workshop in Europe.

By attending you will:

- Acquire tools and strategies to make your practice more innovative and people-centred

- Focus on your own development as a creative leader giving strategies for development after the workshop

- Get opportunities for positive self-reflection as well as group activities and workshop learning

- Get a new or novel perspective on your own working practice – helping you develop your innovation standpoint personally and organisationally

Workshop 2:

Everyday technology and inclusive design

Stephen WilcoxDesign Science Consulting Inc.

Technology is all around us and pervades our everyday life. Everything from lifestyle communication and smart homes to public sector services is channeled through the digital world. Mainstream solutions that are enabling independent living, making life easier, safer and healthier for all of us. But what does this mean for household products, applications and welfare services where technological exclusion can mean social exclusion? The report from Nordic thinktank for welfare technology brings up a number of barriers that prevent optimal use and implementation of new technology.

This workshop demonstrates the value of an inclusive design attitude in the area of everyday and welfare technology. It defines what everyday technology is, demonstrates why it is important to us all and then gives people-centric methods and frameworks for addressing this in your own practice. Digital exclusion is one of the biggest barriers we face in the 21st Century, whether we work for government, industry or the public sector. Do not get left behind - this workshop will help you develop your skills and stay in front!

By attending this workshop you will:

- Learn tools and methods for involving a diversity of users - with a focus on everyday and welfare technology

- See how important an inclusive design approach is for innovation, business strategy and creative practice in this field

- Get opportunities for individual development as well as group activities

- Learn about case studies that show how organisations across the globe are benefitting from a people-centred approach to technology


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From one of the workshops at Innovation for all 2014. Photo: Frank Rønning