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Inclusive Design - a people centred strategy for innovation

A practical introduction to Inclusive Design for Businesses & Designers - how to get started!

About this website

This site is developed to inform and communicate how Inclusive Design can be used as a strategy for innovation and development of more user-friendly products and services for the mainstream market. As such, it is important to us that the site itself also meets the requirements and needs of the widest possible range of users.

All functionality has been carefully evaluated to not only meet accessibility standards, but also to provide a user friendly solution for everyone. The site is under construction, and we are constantly working on improving, simplifying and expanding the content through evaluation and users testing. Since this is work in progress, we would like to get your feedback! Please contact us via email at

Tools and plugins
The following tools have been implemented on the website to cater for readers with different needs and abilities:

  • Adjustable text size
  • High and normal colour contrast options
  • Alt-tags is used to describe images/videos/slides
  • Customizing web solution so it works for both PC and mobile
  • ReadSpeaker - an online text to speech application for the web
  • ShareThis - a tool for sharing the content on various social media
  • Slideshare - an online sharing slide hosting service used here to upload, view, comment, and share slideshows created with presentation programs 
  • Issuu - a tool for displaying interactive PDF documents
  • Vimeo - a web player for video content using HTML5 encoding which is also playable on devices not supporting flash encoded media such as many mobile devices

In order to increase legibility and push the current limits of creative freedom for designers, we tested several tools for displaying non-standard typefaces such DIN and Melior. The font tools evaluated were Typekit and, but due to lack of interoperability and problems with font rendering on older PCs, we have decided not to implement a type tool on the current version of the site. All fonts on this site are now standard web fonts.

Browser support
The site should work fine across all platforms and browsers, but we do not support legacy browsers such as Internet Explorer 6. We urge you to update your browser for the best possible use of this website. See a short video of how the site also works for touch devices here.

The site has four main sections:

Icons used
Through out the site there might be some icons attached to different links. These are meant to clarify what type of content the links provide. Here follows an explanation for the icons:

- The presentation icon signals a link to a powerpoint/slideshare presentation.

- The tools icon signals a link to an article with instant take aways.

- The video icon signals that the link leads to a video.

Need help, have questions or feedback on the website?
The website is under development so please contact us at ha if you encounter problems with, or have questions or feedback on the website.

During the first workshop in London, the Norwegian Design Council and experts from StudioHead, We Are Human and Helen Hamlyn Centre for Design formed the basis and sketches for the Inclusive Design website. Photo: Kristian Paulsen / Norwegian Design Council

Involved in developing the website is Rama Gheerawo from RCA Helen Hamlyn Centre for Design who contributes with content

Johan Brand and Jamie Brooker from We Are Human who are the designers of the site

Cian Plumbe from StudioHead who contributes with content.